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lady caroline wrey and sir george bouchier
Caroline and George welcome you...
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18th Century Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast...

Your hosts, Caroline and George, welcome you to come and stay on their beautiful, eighteenth century farmhouse, bed and breakfast (B&B), where you will be treated to luxurious bedrooms and a delicious farmhouse breakfast that is home grown or locally sourced.

Sir Bourchier and Lady Caroline Wrey's home was built in 1740 by the Wrey family who lived on a large estate locally; the family arrived in Tawstock, from St Ives in Cornwall in 1640 when the Wreys married Lady Anne Bourchier from a very old Norman family who came over in 1066. Sir Bourchier is the 15th baronet and has 2 sons, a daughter and a new daughter-in-law!

George runs a property company and a private shoot, while Caroline is an interior designer and presently teaches dyslexic children when not running the farm and the livery yard.

This is a full-time working farm with sheep and cows grazing peacefully in the valleys, whilst pheasants are reared, for the private family shoot, and horses and ponies thrive.

The lakes are surrounded by thick woodlands which support a shy roe-deer population together with otters, rabbits, foxes, badgers, roedeer and many other woodland creatures incorporating a vast bird population of birds and ducks including snipe and kingfishers.

The bird life in the garden is also abundant since no cats here and the magpie population is carefully controlled.

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Rides over the farm are totally rider-friendly with hardly any gates to open during a 1hr ride. There is a glorious mixture of open pasture, gentle hills, farm tracks, old carriage drives, woodland paths, and quiet country lanes with beautiful views.